We Can’t Afford to Attend the Trainings — How Do We Go On? (R.K.)

College Age Q&R with Ron Kangas in Calgary, Canada — August 18-19, 2018.

Audio Transcript

What does a family who is so desperate for the church life but cannot always financially afford to go to semi-annuals or send their children to college trainings every year, go on, especially when they are continually discouraged and feel as though they cannot go on so easily?

There are two sides to a matter that involves finances like this. And the side of our, there’s a side of our personal responsibility, by which I mean we work to earn a living, we learn to give faithfully to the Lord to activate the law of giving, and we learn to manage whatever finances we have. So, before the Lord, our conscience is clear, Lord, I’m working at the level I can work. And I work hard to support myself and my family. And I give to you, and my wife and I or whoever is involved, we manage the little that we have the best we can.

Then the other side is not only the church where you are, but the fellowship among the churches.

I really feel that no young person who has the heart to go to a college training or to a conference or retreat should not be able to go because there’s not a financial supply — because in the Body, to be very direct, there’s plenty of money, and that somehow needs to be known in fellowship.

So, we’re balanced here. On the one hand, we’re not careless and we didn’t expect the church to just come in to supply. On the other hand, we shouldn’t be reluctant, to brothers we can trust, to let them know the situation. Okay, maybe I can’t go directly to a semiannual training. I can live with that. But my daughter, my son, not to be able to go to the college training. I can’t live with that. They have the heart to go. And even if the brothers in one place are limited, if they’re living in the body, then they expand the fellowship to all of Canada, to all of North America, I mean this, to the whole earth. This is a principle that he who gathered a little had enough. He who gathered a lot had nothing over. This is how the Lord works, but we need to care on both sides.

Because I do know how the dad will feel in the situation… You just feel so worthless. “I can’t provide. I can’t provide all that my sons and daughters need even for their spiritual development.” And you’re so frustrated. But if we live to the Lord personally, and are in pure fellowship with the Body, it’s not the Body that will supply the need, God will supply the need through the Body.


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