How Do I Respond to Someone Continuously Complaining About the Saints? (R.K.)

College Age Q&R with Ron Kangas in Calgary, Canada — August 18-19, 2018.

Audio Transcript

How can I how do I respond to someone who continues to complain about the saints to me, when I know in my heart that I should not be listening to this, and that it is not good for someone to get offended and keep those offenses within the church life.

Okay, what’s the first part again?

How do I respond to someone who continues to complain about the saints to me?

Okay. There’s two ways you can respond. The first is, inwardly you close your being, to what that person is saying. You close your heart. You close your spirit.

But if this is an ongoing thing, I believe the Lord eventually will lead you to say something like this… You’re not rebuking, you’re just saying, “I realize you’re not happy with the saints and with the church, and you frequently talk to me about it. So, I recognize your feeling. But I’m asking you please do not bring this up to me again, okay? Just please don’t do that. I’m not trying to change your feeling. I know you have the feeling. I think I just don’t want to take it in.” And if the person doesn’t stop, then the Lord may lead you to be a more definite to say, “Look, I’m not going to be receiving this kind of speaking any longer.”

Now regarding offenses, there may be more involved than we suppose. And a number of times in fellowship with saints, with sisters in particular, they come with this concern, so and so offended them. They try their best to forgive, they have the heart to forgive, but they just can’t forgive. Then I point out, actually, you have a heart to forgive, but you have been hurt. Part of you has been hurt. We can hurt one another unintentionally. What happened not only offended you, it wounded you. And it’s because the hurt is still there, the wound is not healed, you feel that you haven’t forgiven. So, you need the Lord to minister to you oil and wine, life and the Spirit, the Spirit in life. We can just admit to Him, “Lord, I was hurt by that my feelings were hurt. My confidence was hurt.”

So, this is your need for the Lord to care for you. Let him care for you. Then He pours in Spirit and life and you just know you’re okay now. Then you realize I have forgiven. But before this happens, whenever you see the person or hear the person’s name, the feelings come up. And the feelings come up not because you don’t have the heart to forgive, but because you’ve been hurt. And it’s just not possible to live in the church life for a long time, I’ve been here almost 52 years, and not be hurt. Just someone’s person, the way they are, the way they say something, can hurt. But one reason I’m still here is that I’ve experienced a lot of healing. Then let the Lord minister to you, and you’ll be able to forgive anything.


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