I Feel Unqualified to Speak to New People — How Can I Better Prepare? (R.K.)

College Age Q&R with Ron Kangas in Calgary, Canada — August 18-19, 2018.

Audio Transcript

Concerning campus work, many times I feel as if I’m unqualified to speak to new ones, whether it be during Bible study times, or answering questions that have been asked, in what ways could I prepare for the new semester, when it comes to the campus work and preaching the gospel?

I have no idea how the campus work is being carried out. And I never touch church matters, or work matters when I’m visiting churches, okay? But my view of the matter is, the kind of work you’re doing is that of abiding in the vine to bear fruit.

You’re not walking up to someone just suddenly and saying, “Are you saved? Will you call on the Lord and be saved? Or art you going to go to the lake of fire?” I don’t recommend that kind of religious approach.

The Lord Jesus opened up a gospel conversation by asking for a drink of water. And so, the Lord in us, I realized this more and more, knows how to be with every kind of person. He knows what to say what to do in every situation. And He knows that we are learning Him in this matter. And so mainly, by learning to be one with the Lord, you just exercise your spirit of faith. Okay, you feel you feel that you can’t do it. But that feeling should not be trusted. There is much more God in you than you have any idea about.

You’re young but you already have a history with Him. A biography being written with Him. And especially compared to this new one, there’s so much more in you. You just need the Lord to activate your faith a little that you go against your feeling.

“I can’t do it. I don’t know anything.”

Okay, you don’t have to give a message at one of the seven feasts. You’re just responding the best you can to this question. Don’t feel that you got to give a definitive answer. You can just say, “I think I can contribute something to this.” I just feel the Lord just needs to strengthen your faith a little. There’s a treasure in you. The God of glory is in you. Just give Him a chance to flow out and when He flows out, you will be revived. And you’ll realize I can do this. Okay.


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