How Can I Talk to My Religious Friends About Christ & the Church Life? (R.K.)

College Age Q&R with Ron Kangas in Calgary, Canada — August 18-19, 2018.

Audio Transcript

What is the very best way to talk to our friends about God and the church life? If they are already in religion, but seem interested (Muslim Catholic, denominational Christians).

I realize the question has to be framed like that. But there’s no best method. There’s no best way. But there are some characteristics of how we relate to people. So, let’s say you want to share something, and the person is interested. Whatever their religious context is, they’re interested. And so, you avoid any kind of argument, but you may want to share along two lines at the same time.

One is you might share a very interesting thought concerning God in His purpose. For instance, this is conversational not preaching, “Has it ever occurred to you that God is enjoyable? Has this ever crossed your mind? I realize you’re a Muslim and I don’t have concepts not criticizing. God is enjoyable, and God wants us to enjoy him.”

Or you might come from another angle, to say, “God is good for food.” Or if you ever come across this verse, but “God says that I am the fountain of life.”

My point is to bring in some marvelous thoughts concerning God that never crosses the religious mind. And then you can explain a little and then share a little. Or if this is a friend, you can have a conversation. You may want to share a little from your experience. “Let me share something with you about a discovery that I made at a certain point, even though I’m young, I made it you know a while ago.”

“What is that? What did you discover about yourself?”

“I discovered the deepest part of my being.”

“What is that?”

“That is the human spirit.”

And so, these are your friends, your acquaintances, your classmates, you want to be human with them in the Lord, have a normal conversation. But if they’re interested, you introduce these kinds of thoughts and refer to these kinds of experiences, backed by the prayer, that they would be open to make the same kind of discovery. Okay?


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