I Have No Spiritual Companions — How Can I Stay “Grafted in the Tree of Life”? (R.K.)

College Age Q&R with Ron Kangas in Calgary, Canada — August 18-19, 2018.

Audio Transcript

As a student who will be attending college alone, without any companions, what are some useful things that I can put into practice to stay grafted in the tree of life?

Okay, what is the tree of life experientially?

The Tree of Life is Christ as the life-giving spirit in our spirit, and in the Word of God. So, the Tree of Life is a Person, the resurrected Christ as a life-giving spirit embodied in the word. He said “the words that I speak our spirit in life.” And in our spirit to be grafted is to be joined to the Lord. To be joined to the Lord, that is to be grafted, is to be one spirit with Him at any particular moment. The Lord said, “abide in Me.” He’s the vine and the vine is the Spirit. We’re the branches, we abide in Him when we are in our mingled spirit.

So, if you’re about to go to university, you really should be a university student devoting almost all of your time and energy to studying. So, once you have some idea of what your schedule is, and once it’s clear to you what your own personal study schedule is going to be, whether you end at 11pm or start at 11pm. Let’s just work with the real situation. And then you determine a time where you can set aside 15 minutes, to be alone with the Lord, in the word, and you come to Him as the Tree of Life in your spirit, and you come to Him as the Tree of Life in the word that you’re reading and praying. But your practical human life is not occupied with spiritual things. The Lord knows this.

So, it really helps day by day, to give that day to the Lord, to give yourself to the Lord, and then pray something like this, “Today I have an exam. Today I have to work on the term paper. Today I have this lab assignment. I ask You to live in me while I’m doing this. You’ll be the one studying, preparing, doing this.” This matters. So, this is some suggestion in response to that.


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